French 1: Thursday March 1 Lesson Plan

DUE: p. 166 Exs. 27 & 28. Don't just check the boxes in the online textbook; write out the complete sentences in both exercises!

{10 minutes} Lightning oral practice with avoir idioms (p. 170)
  • CAH prompts with a time or month or season or weather
  • First student answers with an avoir idiom (J'ai faim/soif/chaud/frois/sommeil)
  • Second student answers with either Tu as besoin de... or Tu as envie de....
{15 minutes} More oral practice!
  • Students in pairs trade, read, and translate each others' homework sentences (p. 166 Exs. 27 & 28).
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • Then go over Exs. 27 & 28 together.
{30 minutes} In-class writing practice! Fifteen original sentences!
  1. Write six sentences in which you say "A is going to do B," where A is any person or pronoun and B is an infinitive verb.
    • Example: Elaine va chanter—"Elaine is going to sing."
    • you must use a different subject and a different infinitive in each sentence!
  2. Write nine sentences in which you say, "If the weather is X, I am going to the Y."
    • Example: S'il pleut, Luc et Guillaume vont au musée.—"If it rains, Luc and Guillaume are going to the museum."
    • You must use a different weather condition (X) and a different destination (Y) in each sentence!
    • Use the vocab on pp. 162-163
After 25 minutes, every student will read one of each type of sentence aloud: first everyone reads a Si sentence, then everyone reads a futur proche sentence.

Les Devoirs:

  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 5.2 (pp. 162, 163, 165, 170)! Quiz happens Monday, March 5!
  2. Start working on travel slideshows! Create a slideshow depicting your ideal travel itinerary for the year... tout en français!. Minumum six slides:
    1. First slide: Your name, plus a title.
    2. Second slide: Spring destination, weather, and two activities
    3. Third slide: Summer destination, weather, and two activities
    4. Fourth slide: Fall destination, weather, and two activities
    5. Fifth slide: Winter destination, weather, and two activities
    6. Sixth slide: Summary of trip
    • All slides must have images and French text (at least five words, but no more than ten)!
    • When you talk about talk about the weather and the activities you are going to do, phrase them in the futur proche: e.g., for your summer trip, you may say, Il va faire beau. Nous allons aller à la plage (allons aller means "we're going to go"). For your winter trip, you may say Il va neiger (note use of infinitive form neiger instead of conjugated for neige). Nous allons faire du snowboard.
    • Due next time, Monday, March 5: written text of slides
    • Due Monday, March 12: full slide show, ready to present in class!

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