French 1: Friday March 30 Lesson Plan

DUE: Breakfast skits! In pairs, at least five lines per character using the vocab from Chapter 6; other than that, the narrative is your choice!

{10 minutes} Répétez! Rehearse your skits!
  • CAH will check homework for points during rehearsal!
{20 minutes} Present breakfast skits!

{20 minutes} Review Vocab list 6.1 (pp. 184, 185, 187, 189) and partitive!
  • CAH will ask, "Quand tu crèves de faim/crèves de soif/as la dalle le matin, qu'est-ce tu prends?"
  • Students answer with vocab word set in partitive: "Je prends du lait/de la malbouffe/des œufs"
{20 minutes} vouloir! (p. 192 "Un peu plus")
  • Learn the conjugation:
  • je veux
    nous voulons
    tu veux
    vous voulez
    il/elle/on veut
    ils/elles veulent
  • Note that vouloir can be followed by nouns or infinite verbs:
    • Je veux le pamplemousse.
    • Tu veux des pamplemousses?
    • Mireille veut aller.
    • Nous voulons une bonne note!
    • Voulez-vous étudier avec moi?
    • Guy et Marc veulent jouer au foot.
    • [It can also be followed by dependent clauses, but that requires the subjunctive (Je veuz que tu le fasses!), and that's French 2... maybe!]
  • Practice: "Que veux-tu?/Qu'est-ce que tu veux?"
Les Devoirs:
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 6.1, which will take place Tuesday, April 3!
  2. Write twenty original sentences using vouloir:
    • The first ten sentences must use different subjects, different nouns from Vocab 6.1 as direct objects, and the partitive: Je veux du/de la/des... ("I want some...").
    • The next ten sentences may use any subject (though never the same subject twice in a row) and any direct object (noun or infinitive verb); in other words, you can say that so-and-so wants a thing or that so-and-so wants to do something.

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