French 2: Tuesday March 6 Lesson Plan

DUE: Reflexive verb practice: Write out p. 175, exercises 28, 29, and 30.

{5 minutes} Oral Vocab Drill!
around the room, each student asks next student a vocab word
  • Try it this way: student 1 gives word in English, student 2 has to think of French word.
{10 minutes} Oral grammar practice! Students trio up, read Exs. 28–30 to each other, check answers.
  • CAH checks homework for points during this time!
{40 minutes} Review reflexive verbs with past tense!
  • Students write Exs. 28 and 29 on board.
  • Students read Ex. 30 paragraphs aloud; other students translate!
{20 minutes} New grammar: reflexive verbs in the imperative! p. 176
  • Go over affirmative and negative commands
  • Watch reflexive pronoun placement
  • Do Ex. 32 together
  • practice telling each other to do or not do certain things
Les Devoirs: pp. 176–177 Exs. 33 & 34
  • And don't forget to study for your Vocab Quiz 5.2, pp. 170–173! Vous allez passer cet examen mardi, le 13 mars!

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