French 2: Tuesday March 27 Lesson Plan

Note: CAH gone! Substitute in charge!

Les Devoirs!
  1. p. 236 Ex. 3—yes, write the entire paragraph!
  2. p. 237 Ex. 4—Write five new sentences using the parts given but don't use Au moment où!
{10 minutes} Vocab Drill in Trios!
  • Instructor goes around to check homework for completeness during this time! Students done: mark full credit on roster. Students not done: mark zero on roster; may give partial credit if assignment is completed by end of day.
  • Students work in threes, maybe a couple fours.
  • One student reads vocab words and phrases from pp. 234–237 (don't forget Exprimons-nous expressions and D'autres mots utiles!). Other group members see who can translate the word first.
  • Reader may give either the French or the English!
  • Each student in group gets to be a reader for at least a couple minutes!
{10 minutes} Review homework! Have students read sentences with answers out loud. Answers to Ex. 3 should be available in textbook; Exercise 4 has various possibilities: have students translate their answers!

{30 minutes} More Vocab Drill!
  • Students log into online textbook at (Student log-ins are available in yellow roster folder. Most students already have this log-in information. If for some reason a student is unable to log in, that student may work alongside someone who can.)
  • Go to the "Vocabulaire et grammaire" tab, then click on the Chapitre 7 Vocabulaire 1 link (Workbook pp. 73–75)
  • Students work on the following exercises for 15 minutes:
  1. Ex. 1: Name the object being described. No need to do the word search below!
  2. Ex. 2: Complete Bruno's e-mail with the logical words from the given box.
  3. Ex. 3: Correct the sentences by adding more logical vocab words.
  4. Ex. 4: Complete Carole's story with the proper transition words.
  • Once students are done, bring class back together, choose students to read questions and answers out loud.
  • Use the "Check All" button on each exercise to find out who has the right answers!
{40 minutes} Study time to work on...

Les Devoirs!
  1. Study for Vocab Quiz 7.1 on pp. 234-237 (don't forget both Exprimons-nous sections and D'autres mots utiles!). Quiz happens on Monday, April 2!
  2. Compose and practice Le théâtre du camping!
    1. Students may work in twos, threes, or fours.
    2. Students must compose and perform a skit on camping using numerous items from Vocab List 7.1.
    3. Each student must deliver at least six lines. (Yes, that means a trio will do a longer skit than a duo.)
    4. For each camping-gear vocab word, you must have a prop or picture! You can use the pictures you drew in class last time. You can draw new pictures. You can bring in real objects (just not lighters or other items that can set people on fire or otherwise violate school policy).

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