French 2: Wednesday March 21 Lesson Plan

DUE: nothing! But you had better have studied like crazy for...

{90 minutes} ...the Chapter 5 Oral Interview Quiz!
  • one on one in the hall
  • Volunteers first, then students by random spreadsheet draw. Everyone, be ready!
Les Devoirs: per the student vocab preference survey, we jump to Chapter 7, "Un week-end en plein air"!
  • Listen to Vocab 7.1 (pp. 234–235) on the online textbook. Practice saying the words along with the audio.
  • Then write all of the following vocab words and phrases four times:
  1. All words and phrases depicted in the photos on pp. 234–235;
  2. All "Exprimons-nous!" bolded phrases on p. 235;
  3. All "Autres mots utiles" on p. 235;
  4. All "Exprimons-nous" bolded phrases on p. 237

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