French 1: Friday March 16 Lesson Plan

Reminder: French speaker presenting during White Block 4 today! Students from other blocks are welcome to attend. Activities will be shortened during White 4 to fit speaker's program; however, homework is still due during White 4!

Lots of review for the Chapter 5 Grammar Quiz (Tuesday, March 20!)
  1. Do p. 169 Ex. 35
  2. Write 8 French mini-dialogues of this form:
    • "Are you going to do X?" (use aller + infinitive for futur proche!)
    • "I just did X." (use venir de + infinitive for passé récent!)
    • Each dialogue must use a different verb for "X" (chanter, étudier..., faire...).
  3. Do p. 176 review exercises 1, 2, & 3. Write complete sentences!
{5 minutes} Oral Practice! Pair up and read your mini-dialogues together. One person should read the "Tu vas faire..." questions; the other should read the "Je viens de faire..." lines. Remember what you are saying: "—Are you going to do X? —I just did X!"
  • CAH checks homework for points during this time!
{40 minutes} Grammar Review!
  • Students write responses to p. 169 Ex. 35 on board.
  • Share papers! Each student reads one of his/her va/venir mini-dialogue questions; a neighbor reads the corresponding mini-dialogue answer.
  • Students read aloud answers to p. 176 Exs. 1, 2, & 3.
  • Check conjugations of faire, aller, and venir.
  • Check question words!
{40 minutes} Oral Interview Quiz review!
Les Devoirs: rien à écrire, mais étudiez beaucoup, sans cesser:
  1. L'examen de grammaire (Tuesday for White 2 & 3; Thursday for White 4):
    • p. 154 (faire)
    • p. 156 (question words)
    • p. 166 (aller and futur proche)
    • p. 168 (venir and passé récent)
  2. L'examen orale: Tuesday!

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