French 1: Monday March 26 Lesson Plan

Due: Les Devoirs!
  • Write all vocab phrases in Exprimons-nous p. 185, Exprimons-nous p. 187, and Entre copains p. 189 four times.
  • Write all vocab words and phrases in the pictures on pp. 184–185 three times.
  • Alongside all of the nouns for foods and table things, draw or paste a picture that clearly depicts each noun!
{15 minutes} Oral Practice! Students pair up, practice reading dialogues in the Exprimons-nous sections on p. 185 and 187. Students should vary lines by using other breakfast vocab words from the list!
  • CAH checks vocab during this time.
{30 minutes} Vocab practice! Do p. 186 Exs. 1, 2, & 3 together in class.

Les Devoirs (with lots of work time!):
  1. Due Wednesday: Write pp. 186–187 Exs. 4 & 5
  2. Due Friday: Pair up, prepare breakfast skits! Each character must have at least five lines using the vocab from this chapter; other than that, the narrative is your choice!
  3. And study for Vocab Quiz 6.1, which will take place Tuesday, April 3!

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