French 2: Monday March 19 Lesson Plan

DUE: Grammar review: pp. 186–187 Exs. 2 & 4.

{5 minutes} Anomalous Outbreak of Democracy!
  • Students can submit rankings of Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 via Moodle questionnaire to indicate which vocab lists they'd like to study during the fourth quarter!
  • CAH will choose the chapter order based on the composite rankings of the chapter.
  • Rankings due by end of this school day! Questionnaire closes at 15:15!
{15 minutes} Go over grammar exercises twice!
  • Students read aloud solutions to pp. 186–187 Exs. 2 & 4.
{25 minutes} Present/past practice!
  • Count off: un, deux, un, deux....
  • Each student will write one sentence on the board telling something he or she does regularly.
  • "Un" must use reflexive verb!
  • "Deux" must use a normal/non-reflexive verb.
  • After each sentence is on the board, other students go up to put that sentence in past tense.
{40 minutes} Oral Interview Quiz Practice!
  • First practice questions for CAH.
  • Then practice CAH questions for students.
Les Devoirs: rien à écrire, mais étudiez comme les dingues pour l'examen orale, que vous passerez mercredi!

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