French 1: Wednesday March 28 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write pp. 186–187 Exs. 4 & 5

{15 minutes} Student Vocab 6.1 Drill!
  • Instructor goes around to check homework for completeness during this time! Students done: mark full credit on roster. Students not done: mark zero on roster; may give partial credit if assignment is completed by end of day.
  • Students work in threes, maybe a couple fours.
  • One student reads vocab words and phrases from pp. 184–189 (don't forget Exprimons-nous expressions and Entre copains words). Other group members see who can translate the word first.
  • Reader may give either the French or the English!
  • Each student in group gets to be a reader for at least a couple minutes!
{10 minutes} Review homework! Have students read answers to Exs. 4 & 5 out loud. Various answers are possible!

{20 minutes} New grammar: the partitive! p. 188!
  • Choose students to read aloud the rules and examples for the partitive on p. 188.
  • Do pp. 188–189 together in class (answers should be available in teacher's edition!)
{45 minutes} Student practice time for...

Les Devoirs!
  1. Due Friday: Pair up, prepare breakfast skits! Each character must have at least five lines using the vocab from this chapter; other than that, the narrative is your choice!
  2. And study for Vocab Quiz 6.1, which will take place Tuesday, April 3!

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