French 2 Chooses Chapters 7 and 9

Here are the results of the French 2 Fourth Quarter Vocab Preference Survey. The winners are Chapter 7 (The Great Outdoors!) and Chapter 9 (media!). Thank you for casting your votes. We start Chapter 7 Wednesday!

Below are the survey question and the exact results:
We have two months left of school. We have four chapters to choose from. We can cover two chapters, maybe three. Please indicate the order in which you would like to do the following chapters based on the given vocabulary topic areas. Assign numbers as follows:
  1. Do it now!
  2. Do it second.
  3. Do it if there's time.
  4. Don't do it; we can do without it in French 1.
Chapter Vocabulary
Avg. Rank
Chapter 9: Movies, books, TV, and music2.2
Chapter 8: Body parts, sickness and health3.0
Chapter 7: Camping, fishing, and the great outdoors2.0
Chapter 6: Things we did when we were kids + Life in the country2.8

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