French 1: Monday March 12 Lesson Plan

DUE: Travel slideshow! Present a slideshow depicting your ideal travel itinerary for the year... tout en français!. Minimum six slides:
    1. First slide: Your name, plus a title.
    2. Second slide: Spring destination, weather, and two activities
    3. Third slide: Summer destination, weather, and two activities
    4. Fourth slide: Fall destination, weather, and two activities
    5. Fifth slide: Winter destination, weather, and two activities
    6. Sixth slide: Summary of trip
    • All slides must have images and French text (at least five words, but no more than ten)!
    • When you talk about talk about the weather and the activities you are going to do, phrase them in the futur proche (p. 166): e.g., for your summer trip, you may say, Il va faire beau. Nous allons aller à la plage (allons aller means "we're going to go"). For your winter trip, you may say Il va neiger (note use of infinitive form neiger instead of conjugated for neige). Nous allons faire du snowboard.
{45 minutes} Students present travel slideshows
{25 minutes} First look at oral interview quiz questions! Next week, we'll do an oral interview quiz consisting of the following questions:
  1. Quel temps fait-il?
  2. Quel temps va-t-il faire demain?
  3. Quand est ton anniversaire?
  4. Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire samedi?
  5. Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire en été?
  6. Qu'est-ce que tu fais (en/au autre saison)?
  7. Avec qui? (I'll ask this question after either #4, #5, or #6!)
  8. Then you ask me two questions... not the weather, not when's my birthday, and not ça va or my name or anything else to which you already know the answer.
Les Devoirs: nothing written due for next time; however...
  • Study the oral interview questions, think of and practice answers thereto! Be ready for this oral interview to take place next week Tuesday!
  • Brace yourselves for a grammar quiz over Chapter 5 (pp. 154, 156. 166, 168) to take place next week Tuesday or Thursday!

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