French 1: Day 10 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Practice writing Chapter 2 Vocab 1 (shown with pictures on pp. 40-41; listed alphabetically on p. 69)
  • First write (in French!) whether you like or do not like each noun or activity. Then write the noun/activity three more times. For example:
    1. J'aime bien la glace. La glace, la glace, la glace.
    2. J'adore regarder la télévision. Regarder la télévision, regarder la télévision, regarder la télévision.
    3. Je n'aime pas envoyer un SMS. Envoyer un SMS, envoyer un SMS, envoyer un SMS.
{10 minutes} Complete p. 42 exs. 2-3
  • Students work individually while CAH checks vocab practice for completion
  • Students read answers aloud in full group.
{20 minutes} Agreeing and Disagreeing (p. 42)
  • First read and repeat Exprimons-nous! phrases on p. 42 together.
  • Then practice these phrases with Vocab 1: Students read sentence from vocab practice, CAH responds (Moi aussi, Pas moi, Moi si!, Moi non plus)
  • Then students practice phrases with each other in threes: one student reads sentence from vocab sheet and asks "Et toi?" Second student responds appropriately. Third student translates to English to check for understanding. Do this full rotation at least three times in group.
{15 minutes} Review Grammar Quiz Chapter 1
  • "Now that you know what my grammar quizzes look like... let's take another one!"
  • Review questions and answers from Day 9 Quiz; CAH explains scoring
  • All take Quiz 1.1 at next meeting (Day 11)! See below.
{35 minutes} Time to work on... Les Devoirs!
  • Study for Grammar Quiz 1.1, to be taken next meeting!

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