Les nouveaux mots -- les sports!

In French 2 today, we practiced some French phrases for various activities. We were doing sports: jouer au tennis, au basket-ball, au volley/volleyball, football, au football américain, au golf.... I added faire du cross, knowing it's fall and we have runners (and also wanting to recall my own glory days on the dusty roads of Lake County). We had other pastimes available as well: faire du théâtre, jouer de la musique, faire de la photo, aller au café

We made the rounds with "Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?" adding extravagant gestures to help memory and keep the blood pumping. Then I turned to a boy who caught me unprepared. "Wrestling."

Arrgghh! I hadn't looked that up! Shame on me. We looked it up and found la lutte. Now try coming up with a gesture demonstrate that!

Some new sports to include in our vocab:
  • faire de la lutte: wrestle
  • faire de la gymnastique: do gymnastics
  • faire du vélo: go biking
  • jouer à des jeux vidéo: play video games
  • faire du surf des neiges, de la planche à neige: snowboarding

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