French 2: Day 6 Lesson Plan

Maroon 8 Sept; White 9 Sept

DUE: Les Devoirs: p. 20 ex. 24;  p. 24 ex. 32, p. 25 ex. 33
{5 minutes}: Vocab Drill
  • Students pair up, drill each other on Vocab 2 while CAH checks homework for completion
 {30 minutes} Vocab and Grammar Review
  • Read aloud and correct responses to Les Devoirs exercises
 {15 minutes} How to type French accent marks on computer!
  • Word: Ctrl+symbol, followed by letter
    • l'accent aigu (áéíóú): Ctrl+apostrophe
    • l'accent grave (àèìòù): Ctrl+open single quote (key under Esc!)
    • l'accent circonflex (âêîôû): Ctrl+Shift+6 (carat!)
    • la cédille (ç): Ctrl+comma
    • le tréma (äëïöü): Ctrl+Shift+semicolon (colon!)
  • Windows Alt and HTML codes!
{40 minutes} Les Devoirs:
  • Writing assignment about des personnes importantes dans ta vie!
    • Write twenty sentences about five important people in your life
    • Each person gets four sentences.
    • Tell who each person is (name and relationship to you).
    • Tell what each person is like (personanalité, physique, âge).
    • Tell what each person does/likes to do (use Vocabulaire 2 as starting point)
    • Due Next Meeting (Day 7): rough draft of 20 sentences, any format
    • Due Meeting After That (Day 8): final formatted slide show (PowerPoint!), submitted via Moodle, with revised text (handwritten or typed) and graphics (photo or sketch of each person or relevant image); one slide per person
    • Students will present by random draw on Days 8 and 9 to class on big screen!
  • Study for Quiz over Vocab 2 (p. 37) and verbs (pp. 22 & 24) meeting after next (Day 8)
  • Study for Le Grand Quiz de la Grammaire, Chapitre 1, on Day 9! Expect verb conjugation, avoir, être, and some short writing!

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