French 1: Day 13 Lesson Plan

Maroon: mercredi, 28 sep.; White: jeudi, 29 sep.

DUE: Les Devoirs! Les Devoirs: pp. 46-47, exs. 12 & 14. Write complete sentences!

{20 minutes} Réveillez le cerveau français! Conjugate five -er verbs!
  • CAH will put numerous -er verbs on the board: adorer, aimer, bouquiner, chanter, chercher, danser, dessiner, détester, discuter, écouter, envoyer*, jouer, manger*, nager*, parler, regarder, surfer, téléphoner, tchatcher, travailler, trouver, zapper
  • Students write down conjugations (pronoun + verb form) for five of them.
  • After CAH finishes checking homework, students write conjugations under given verbs on board.
{10 minutes} Review homework: Students give answers to exs. 12 & 14.

{20 minutes} New Vocab! Vocabulaire 2 on p. 69 and Entre Copains list on p. 54! (Write those p. 54 words on the board.)
  • Read and repeat, read and repeat, first en masse, then by individual
{10 minutes} Pairs practice!
  • Students pair up, ask each other three aimer questions about activities in this vocab list (Tu aimes danser? Tu aimes jouer aux échecs?)
  • Back in big group, each student summarizes likes and dislikes discovered (Elle aime... elle n'aime pas...)
Les Devoirs: Handwrite each new vocab word/phrase four times.
  • p. 54 "Entre Copains" section
  • p. 69 Vocabulaire 2
  • Expect Vocab Quiz over these words on Day 16 (Maroon 7 octobre; White 11 octobre)

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