French 1: Day 11 Lesson Plan

DUE: Rien! Pas de devoirs!

{30 minutes} Grammar Quiz Chapter 1.1!
  • This quiz retests material covered on the Chapter Grammar Quiz we took on Day 9.
  • Both this quiz and the previous version remain on the books. Strive for perfection!
{10 minutes} Listening! CAH reads p. 43, ex. 5 letter from Noémie.
  • After two times through, students read and repeat.
  • Assignment: write response to Noémie! (see Les Devoirs below)
{20 minutes} le, la, les + à (p. 44)
  • Review concepts of gender and number in French nouns
  • Review our use of un, une, and desindefinite articles (in English, a/an/some)
  • Introduce le, la, and lesdefinite articles! (in English, the)
  • Note that le or la before a noun starting with a vowel will elide down to l' (which means you have to memorize the gender or look it up in the glossary!).
  • Review Vocab 1: say each term aloud with indefinite and definite articles.
Les Devoirs:
  1. p. 43 ex. 5: write a response to Noémie!
    • Respond to each of her questions.
    • Comment on each of the activities she mentions: say whether you enjoy the same things or not.
    • Handwrite, show CAH on Day 12
  2. Do p. 44 exs. 7 & 8. Write complete sentences!
  3. Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1 (Chap. 2, Vocab. 1, top part of p. 69)

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