French 1: Day 5 Lesson Plan

Maroon 6 Sept; White 7 Sept
No homework due!

{20 minutes} Dans la salle de classe, il y a... things in the classroom!
  • Practice classroom vocabulary words on p. 18
  • Use Il y a to say "There is/are"
  • Use un/une for "a/one", des for "some"
  • Each student should name four things in the classroom
  • Practice first in groups of four: help each other! Listen for pronunciation, proper word choice.
  • Then practice out loud en masse.
{15 minutes} Combien de: how many?
  • Il y en a deux = There are two of them. 
  • Il n'y en a pas = There aren't any of them.
  • First some en masse repetition
  • Then more small-group practice, in fours: one student asks, Combien de bureaux/professeurs/fenêtres..., next student replies, Il y en a # or Il n'y en a pas.
  • Bring back to main group, ask some individuals questions with p. 19 ex. 27 questions.
 {30 minutes} Alphabet and accents!
  • {slide!} Turn first to p. xx, practice pronunciation
  • CAH reads five letters, students write them on tablet screens/paper, hold up to show me, I show on my screen
  • {slide!} Learn names of accent marks!
Les Devoirs:
  • p. 22: Write each of the sentences in Exprimons-Nous three times.
  • p. 23 ex. 36: rewrite the given e-mail with all necessary accent marks

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