French 2: Day 7 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write 20 sentences about five important people in your life! (See complete criteria on Day 6 Lesson Plan)

{10 minutes} Reveillez le cerveau français! Wake up your French brain!
  • Do p. 22 ex. 27: write five sentences: use each subject and each verb once!
  • (CAH checks Les Devoirs, marks problems.)
  • Review correct responses!
{10 minutes} More Verb Conjugation Practice!
  • Do p. 23 ex. 28 together: Call students to board to write each exercise: i.e., 4-5 students come to board, all write sentence for #1, then we compare... and so on!
{10 minutes} Practice slightly irregular -ir verbs dormir, partir, sortir (pp. 26-27)
  • m and t disappear from the singular forms, remain in the plural forms
  • plural forms don't get the funky -iss- insert
  • Do p. 26, ex. 38 and p. 27 ex. 39 together
{60 minutes}: Work on les diaporamas—slideshows!

Les Devoirs due next meeting (Day 8):
  • Diaporamas! Final formatted slideshow (PowerPoint), submitted via Moodle, with revised text (handwritten or typed) and graphics (photo or sketch of each person or relevant image); one slide per person
  • Students will present by random draw on Days 8 and 9 to class on big screen!
  • Study for Vocab Quiz on Day 8 (infinitives on pp. 22 & 24, Vocabulaire 2 on p. 37)
  • Study for Grammar Quiz on Day 9 (review pp. 34-36, exs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and Grammaire 1 & 2)

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