French 2: Day 13 Lesson Plan

Maroon: mercredi, 28 sep.; White: jeudi, 29 sep.

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write 10 pairs of original sentences with direct objects!

  • First, write a sentence (in French!) with basic Subject-Verb-Direct Object structure
  • Then rewrite the sentence, replacing the direct object with the appropriate direct object pronoun and moving it in front of the appropriate verb. For example: Marc achète 15 croque-monsiuers. Marc les achète.
{10 minutes} Réveillez le cerveau français!
  • Students pair up, read each other their original direct object sentences. One student reads original sentence, other student tries to compose the version with the correctly placed direct object pronoun!
  • CAH checks homework!
{25 minutes} Indirect Object Pronouns!
  1. Review basic grammar: Direct object answers, "Subject verb what?" Indirect object answers "Subject verb direct object for whom/to whom?"
  2. Key verbs: offrir, donner, acheter, vendre, parler, téléphoner, dire...:
    • Marc est mon amie. Je vais lui donner une carte de vœux.
    • C'est ton anniversaire! Je t'offre un cadeau.
    • Vous voulez jouer aux tennis? Je suis capitaliste! Je vais vous vendre une raquette.
    • Tes amis jouent au football? Tu dois leur acheter un nouveau ballon.
  3. Indirect object pronouns same as direct object pronouns for 1st and 2nd person; 3rd person simplifies to lui and leur.
  4. Practice in this order: p. 49 ex. 12, then p. 48 ex. 10 (because ex. 10 puts direct and indirect objects together!)
Les Devoirs: Translate these 10 sentences into French, using indirect and direct object pronouns! In 6-10, turn prepositional phrases like "for me" and "to us" into single indirect object pronouns.
  1. She telephones me often.
  2. You [formal] give us too much homework!
  3. Nikolas rarely sends us greeting cards.
  4. He prefers to send us presents!
  5. I am giving her a bouquet of flowers.
  6. I like that Christmas tree. Frédéric is buying it for me.
  7. The crowd likes my cakes. I am going to give them [the cakes] to them [the crowd].
  8. Robert has the decorations. He is giving them to us.
  9. Mom is speaking to me, but I'm not listening to her.
  10. Marie likes your flag. Are you going to sell it to her?

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