French 2: Day 5 Lesson Plan

Maroon 6 Sept; White 7 Sept

{5 minutes} Review days of week, months

{20 minutes} Exprimons-nous! p. 19
  • Use this activity to review activities and café items
  • Repeat phrases en masse
  • Note je dois!
  • Then practice phrases in threes: ask each question, each student must insert different noun/phrase as the object of the question
  • Back in whole group, CAH asks each student a question, student responds as in group.
{5 minutes} Do p. 20 ex. 22 together out loud, students explain choices

{15 minutes} Exprimons-nous! p. 21: when we do things
  • souvent, rarement, tous les mercredis, fois par semaine...
  •  au printemps but en for other seasons
  • Spend 5 minutes on p. 21 ex. 25 in pairs, then 5 minutes en masse
{20 minutes} Verbs! p. 22-24
  • Recite conjugations for verbs listed on this page
  • Note spelling change for -ger and -cer verbs
  • Do p. 21 ex. 27 together
{25 minutes} Les Devoirs: p. 20 ex. 24;  p. 24 ex. 32, p. 25 ex. 33

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