French 2: Day 14 Lesson Plan

Bordeaux (Maroon): lundi 3 oct; Blanc (White): mardi 4 oct

DUE: Les Devoirs: Translate these 10 sentences into French, using indirect and direct object pronouns! In 6-10, turn prepositional phrases like "for me" and "to us" into single indirect object pronouns.
  1. She telephones me often.
  2. You [formal] give us too much homework!
  3. Nikolas rarely sends us greeting cards.
  4. He prefers to send us presents!
  5. I am giving her a bouquet of flowers.
  6. I like that Christmas tree. Frédéric is buying it for me.
  7. The crowd likes my cakes. I am going to give them [the cakes] to them [the crowd].
  8. Robert has the decorations. He is giving them to us.
  9. Mom is speaking to me, but I'm not listening to her.
  10. Marie likes your flag. Are you going to sell it to her?
{10 minutes} Réveillez le cerveau français! Students pair up, do p. 49, ex. 13 together.
  • Write each scenario two ways: once using all nouns, once using all pronouns (or as many pronouns as possible, for direct objects, indirect objects, and even subjects!)
  • Student present answers orally.
{15 minutes} Review Indirect Object Pronoun Translations (les devoirs!)
  • Students put their translations of #1-10 on the board and correct errors!
{20 minutes} Practice new vocabulary!
  • First cover the slang terms on p. 56 "Entre copains": bouffer (and la bouffe), faire la teuf (with detour on verlan!), la boum, and la zique
  • Then drill p. 73, Vocabulaire 2.
Les Devoirs: Write each vocab term/phrase as part of a complete sentence. Then write each word/phrase again three times.
  • Expect Vocab Quiz 2-2 over these terms on Day 17 (Bordeaux: 12 oct; Blanc: 13 oct)

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