French 1: Day 6 Lesson Plan

Maroon 8 Sept; White 9 Sept

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  • p. 22: Write each of the sentences in Exprimons-Nous three times. 
  • p. 23 ex. 36: rewrite the given e-mail with all necessary accent marks 

{15 minutes} Alphabet and accent review!
  • Sing the song!
  • CAH says five letters, students write on tablet and show!
  • CAH says letters with accent marks, students write on tablet and show!
{10 minutes} E-mail practice!
  • {slide}Quelle est ton adresse e-mail?/C'est ... arobase...point....
  • CAH demos, then students travel the room, collecting five e-mail addresses; students spell out e-mail addresses en français!
{15 minutes} Vocab Review via spelling!
  • Review Vocab 2 by asking Comment dit-on ____ en français, then Comment ça s'écrit ___?/Comment tu épelles ___?
  • CAH demos with two indivs, then students practice in trios.

{10 minutes} Masculine/feminine/indefinite/plural articles (p.24)
  • CAH explains gender and articles in French
{15 minutes} avoir! (p. 26)
  • review discussion of subjects and verbs last week!
  • show and practice conjugation of avoir (note we already do this with age!)
{20 minutes} Les Devoirs: p. 24 ex. 41, pp. 26-27 exs. 46, 47, et 48
—Study for Vocab 2 (p. 35) and Classroom Commands (p. 20) Quiz meeting after next (Day 8)!
—Study for Le Grand Quiz de la Grammaire meeting after that (Day 9)

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