French 2: Day 10 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write three times all Chapter 2 Vocabulaire 1 words and phrases, p. 73 (see also pictures and examples on pp. 42-43).

{10 minutes} Complete p. 44, Ex. 2
  • Students work individually while CAH checks homework for completion
  • Read answers aloud to class
{10 minutes} Complete p. 44 ex. 3.
  • Students work in pairs
  • Each pair should come up with two alternative responses/wishes for each situation.
  • Note bonne année!
{20 minutes} Gift advice!
  • Read and repeat phrases on p. 45 Exprimons-nous!
  • Practice in full group: CAH asks, students respond, vice versa.
  • Assignment: Pairs prepare and present Gift Advice scene! See Les Devoirs below.
{20 minutes} Review Grammar Quiz Chapter 1
  • "Now that you know what my grammar quizzes look like... let's take another one!"
  • Review questions and answers from Day 9 Quiz; CAH explains scoring
  • All take Quiz 1.1 at next meeting (Day 11)! See below.
Les Devoirs:
  1. Gift Advice skit!
    • Students work in pairs to write and practice brief skit.
    • Two people discuss what to get someone for some holiday/event (see p. 45).
    • Each person should have at least three lines.
    • Exchange should include rejecting one suggestion, then accepting another.
    • Students will present skits to class next meeting!
  2. Study for Grammar Quiz 1.1, to be taken next meeting!

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