French 1: Day 7 Lesson Plan

Maroon Mon. Sept. 12; White Tue. Sept. 13

DUE: Les Devoirs: p. 24 ex. 41, pp. 26-27 exs. 46, 47, et 48

{10 minutes} Reveillez le cerveau français -- Wake up the French brain!

  • Practice avoir conjugation: Students do p. 27, ex. 49 on screen/paper. Write at least five sentences, one for each subject listed.
  • CAH checks homework during wake-up.
{20 minutes} Go over homework together

{30 minutes} Four-Team Spelldown!
  • Number off! Four teams!
  • Each team sends speller to board
  • CAH spells word en français, students write spelling on board, turn when finished
  • All correct spellers get one point (tally on board)
  • First speller gets chance to say English meaning for extra point
{30 minutes} study time for two quizzes:
  • Study for Vocab 2 (p. 35) and Classroom Commands (p. 20) Quiz meeting after next!
  • Study for Le Grand Quiz de la Grammaire, Chapitre 1, on Day 9!

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