French 2: Day 8 Lesson Plan

DUE: Submit slideshows via Moodle!

{10 minutes} Last chance to study for quiz; also make sure computers and network are working for quiz on Moodle!

{20 minutes} Vocab Quiz #2!
  • CAH reads French terms aloud; students write English translations
  • Quiz will include words and phrases from p. 37 Vocab 2 and infinitives on pp. 22 and 24
{50 minutes} Diaporama des élèves! (Student slideshows!)
  • Random speaking order (exceptions for students who are planning to be gone next time; they move to top of today's speaking order!)
  • Students present their prepared 20 sentences while slideshow plays
  • CAH runs slides; students call for "La prochaine, s'il vous plaît!" to tell CAH when to go to next slide.
  • CAH grades slideshows on 3 ten-point scales: Pronunication, Information, and Grammar (30 points total)
{5 minutes} Slideshow feedback from CAH

{15 minutes} Study for grammar quiz coming up next meeting! Expect questions on...
  • verb conjugation (pp. 22-26)
  • irregular conjugation of être and avoir (p. 10)
  • adjective agreement and special forms (pp. 12-14)

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