French 1: Day 8 Lesson Plan

{10 minutes} Study for Vocab Quiz #2, make sure computers and network are working for quiz on Moodle.

{20 minutes} Vocab 2 Quiz!
  • CAH says French terms, students write English translations
  • 30 questions total
  • spelling counts (you really should know how to spell your own language)
{30 minutes} Four-Team Spelldown!
  • Number off! Four teams!
  • Each team sends speller to board
  • CAH spells word en français, students write spelling on board, turn when finished
  • All correct spellers get one point (tally on board)
  • First speller gets chance to say English meaning for extra point
{10 minutes} Review key grammar for quiz
  • avoir: know your conjugation! write and recite forms
  • indefinite articles: review one/a, some, none in context of Il y a/Il n'y a pas....
{20 minutes} Students study for Chapter 1 grammar quiz! Expect the following items on the quiz:
  • conjugation of avoir (p. 26)
  • negation of verbs (in the same grammar box as avoir, p. 26)
  • indefinite articles (p. 24)
  • introductory conversations (pp. 6-8)
  • il y a vs. il n'y a pas (p. 18)

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