French 2: Day 11 Lesson Plan

{30 minutes} Grammar Quiz Chapter 1.1!
  • This quiz retests material covered on the Chapter Grammar Quiz we took on Day 9.
  • Both this quiz and the previous version remain on the books. Strive for perfection!
{20 minutes} Student Gift Advice Presentations!

{20 minutes} Grammar: Direct Objects! pp. 46-47
  • Review basic subject-verb-direct object grammar
  • Subject: the thing doing something
  • Verb: the action being done
  • Direct Object: the thing having stuff done to it! :-)
  • When the direct object is a pronoun, both English and French use S+V+DO word order:
    • English: I am eating the sandwich.
    • French: Je mange le sandwich.
  • But when we replace direct object nouns with pronouns, French puts the direct object before the verb!
    • English: I am eating it.
    • French: Je le mange!
  • See full list of direct object pronouns on p. 46 (me, te, le, la, nous, vous, les)
  • Practice with p. 46 ex. 6
Les Devoirs:
  • Write out p. 47 Ex. 7
  • Study for Vocab Quiz 2.1

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