French 1: Thu/Fri September 13-14 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all vocab on pp. 18 and 20 (including Exprimons-nous!) three times.

[15 minutes] Practice French Alphabet
  • Correct pronunciation of e! More like in le, de, and je!

  • Students practice in pairs, CAH hears each student do alphabet
  • Alphabet oral quiz next class period!
[30 minutes] Practice New Vocab!
  • CAH reads, students repeat
  • Practice with touchez et montrez!
  • Students practice pronunciation in pairs; CAH checks homework for completeness.
  • Students practice commands: each student picks and gives a command, everyone else acts it out.
[20 minutes] Accent marks!
  • aigu: é
  • grave: à
  • circonflex: ô
  • trema: ë
  • cedille: ç
Les Devoirs! 
  1. Write pp. 20-21 Exs. 31, 32, 33, and 34
  2. Study for alphabet quiz!


  1. well im a 6 grade student take exploratory language and was having trouble at first so went to google looked up the frenchalphabet and when i saw tis i started to practice and i've gotten better at it

  2. C'est chouette—that's great! Keep practicing with that video.

    1. i am a 7th grader taking french one this video helped me get a 100 on a quiz thanks!!

    2. Je t'en prie! Continue à étudier fort!


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