French 2: Wednesday, September 5 Lesson Plan

DUE: Write all words in Vocab List 1.1 four times!

[15 minutes]: Vocab practice! Tell each other about your families!
  • Students pair up, tell each other about family members.
  • Pay attention! Take notes!
[15 minutes] Oral Presentation: Students tell the class about their partners' families; listeners recount details!

[15 minutes] Grammar Practice: avoir and être
  • Quick oral practice: do Exercise 7 together out loud
  • Students write out Exercises 6 & 8; read answers together in class
[20 minutes] Adjective Agreement (p. 12)
  • Recall the basic rules: masculine form is the base; feminine usually adds -e; plural usually adds -s
  • Do Exs. 11 and 12 together
Les Devoirs: Write out complete sentences and answers for p. 13, Exs. 13 and 14.

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