French 3: Monday September 24 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Students show me the French-language map and document they plan to use in their Wednesday presentations.

[40 minutes] Verb Quiz! Présent, Passé Composé, Imparfait!
  • Quiz will be on paper!
[50 minutes] Students work on Wednesday presentations

Les Devoirs: Présentations! Find an interesting French-language document that includes a map of Paris or some part of Paris.
  1. Possibilities: guides to Le Metro, parks, museums, government buildings, train stations, public facilities...
  2. Save a copy on your computer that you can mark up, zoom in and out on, and include in a presentation. (One option: paste screen shots into a Word/OneNote/PowerPoint document.) You should be able to transfer this document to CAH's flash drive.
  3. Highlight at least ten sentences that you can translate from French into English without much help from the dictionary.
  4. Prepare to make a presentation on this document and map mercredi, le 26 septembre!
  5. Presentation should include your reading those ten sentences in French, then explaining the text in French and/or English, as suitable.

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