French 2: Monday September 17 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: pp. 22-23, Exs. 27 & 28

[10 minutes] Review -er verbs
  • Students trio up: one student reads sentence from Ex. 27 or Ex. 28, second student translates into English, third student listens and corrects if necessary. Rotate reading, allowing each student chance to read each of his/her sentences aloud and to translate others' sentences.
  • CAH checks homework at this time.
[25 minutes] Oral Vocab and Grammar Review
  • p. 23, Ex. 29: Do it live!
  • Imaginez: Vous apprenez à connaître un nouveau correspondant français. Dites-lui un peu de vous-même, vos activités préférées, et quand vous faites ces activités.
  • Work in groups of five; CAH/TA circulate, listen, help!
  • One student speaks; others in groups take turns translating sentences.
  • Each student must say at least five sentences.
  • Try to use this week's vocab in each sentence (especially with the quand phrases, like how many times a week you do something, or on what days, or in which seasons!).
[30 minutes] More Verb conjugation review! -re and -ir verbs! p. 24
  • -re verb endings: j'attends, tu attends, elle attend, nous attendons, vous attendez, elles attendent
  • -re verbs really aren't much different from -er verbs: the je and elle forms differ, but the other forms (the 2, 4, 5, & 6) drop the infinitive ending and add the same suffixes.
  • -ir verbs get freaky in the plural: je finis, tu finis, elle finit, nous finissons, vous finissez, elles finissent
  • Note that in all of these conjugations, the third-person plural (the 6, the elles form) uses the silent -ent. Don't say the -ent! Ever!!!
  • Practice online with Tex! Do -re verb practice and -ir verb practice.
Les Devoirs
  • pp. 24-25 Exs. 32 & 33. Écrivez chaque question ou phrase complètement avant de vos réponses!
  • Révisez pour l'examen de vocabulaire 1.2!

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