French 1: Wed/Thu September 5-6 Lesson Plan

DUE: pp. 6-8: Write each phrase in each dialogue bubble in French, then in English, then again in French.

[10 minutes] Review numbers and greetings.

[10 minutes] Students practice reading Vocab bubbles to each other; practice with at least three different partners, doing each side of the conversation in each pairing.
  • CAH checks homework during this time
  • Note Vocab Quiz coming meeting after next, over greetings and numbers
[15 minutes] Connect students to Google Docs Vocab Sheets!
[20 minutes] More numbers!
  • p. 10: add 13-30 to our counting
  • Do Ex. 11 together -- write numbers down!
  • Do Exs. 12-13 together
[15 minutes] Age! p.11!
  • CAH leads examples, then students practice with each other.
  • Note pronouns: j'ai, tu as, il a, elle a
Les Devoirs: Quel âge as-tu?
  • Interview six classmates in French, find out their age, write down how old they are (in complete sentences, writing out the numbers as words!
  • [added Sept 6! Maroon 2 students may complete this task by Tues., Sept 11] Add your ten words from the first vocab lookup assignment to the Homegrown Vocab list on Google Docs. Include English word, French word (with special characters!), your name and section (M2, W2, W4), and any useful notes.

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