French 3: Tuesday September 18 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! (Originally assigned for last meeting, 9/14; carried over to today after change of plan!)
  1. Écrivez des phrases pour p. 31, Ex. 31.
  2. Écrivez 10 phrases originaux: 5 qui dit ce que vous faites aujourd'hui (en présent!), et 5 qui dit, que vous avez fait les mêmes choses hier (passé composé!).
[20 minutes] Vocab Quiz 1.2: pp. 18–21, incluant Exprimons-nous, D'autres mots utiles, et Entre copains!

[10 minutes] Reading and listening practice!
  1. Students pair up, read each other their original sentences. Readers, speak clearly, because...
  2. ...listeners translate the sentences into English without looking at the papers!
  3. CAH checks homework at this time.
[10 minutes] Passé Composé Practice
  • Students each pick one present/past pair of sentences from their writing to write on Smart Board.
  • Compare present and past conjugations
  • Watch for avoir vs. être as helping verb
  • Watch for irregular participles
  • Watch for placement of reflexive pronouns
[40 minutes] Grammar Review: l'imparfait! p. 24
  • Remember this? The imperfect is that verb form that says you used to do something, or that you were doing something.
  • The formation is easy: take the present nous form of the verb, drop -ons, and add the proper imperfect ending (-ais, -ais, -ait, -ions, -iez, -aient).
  • The only exception: être, whose imperfect stem is ét- (because the nous form of the verb, sommes, doesn't have an -ons to cut off!).
  • CAH shows uses of imperfect on board.
  • Do pp. 24-25, Exs. 34 & 35 together.
  • Every student writes three sentence triplets: three sentences in present, then versions of those three sentences in in passé composé and in imperfect. Put triplets on Smart Board!
Les Devoirs: Expand the in-class verb grammar practice by writing five present-past-imperfect triplets. Par exemple:
  • Je détruis l'Étoile de la Mort.
  • J'ai détruit l'Étoile de la Mort.
  • Je détruisais l'Étoile de la Mort.

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