French 3: Wednesday September 12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs!
  • Read, write out in French, and translate la carte postale de Damien (p. 18). Write the translation side-by-side with the French transcript.
  • Write the vocab words on p. 19, 20, and 21 three times (including D'autres mots utiles, Entre copains, and Exprimons-nous).
[20 minutes] Practice Reading and Listening
  • Students practice reading "Une carte postale de Damien" out loud in pairs! Read as if really speaking to someone, not just reciting book text (CAH models at start!); listen closely to partner.
  • CAH checks vocab homework during this time.
  • Students then read postcard aloud in class
[30 minutes] Vocab Practice
  • CAH leads read-and-repeat of highlighted terms
  • CAH highlights la cambrousse (the sticks!), prendre un pot (vs. avoir du pot!) and se rappeler ("recall")
  • Do p. Exs 24, 25, and 26 together (complete Ex. 26 on shared Google Doc on Tableau Intelligent!)
[30 minutes] Grammar Review: passé composé! p. 22
  • Remember the rules!
  1. Most of the time, form past tense by conjugating avoir as helping verb, then using past participle of main verb.
    • j'ai mangé
    • tu as fini
    • elle a attendu...
  2. With verbs of motion/transition (online practice here!) and reflexive verbs, conjugate être as helping, and make the past participle agree in number and gender with the subject.
    • nous sommes allés
    • vous êtes arrivés
    • elles sont sorties
    • je me suis brossé les dents
    • tu t'es couchée
    • il s'est lavé
  3. Watch for irregular past participles! (see table on p. 22, or this really big list... or, if in doubt, punch your verb into's mighty verb conjugator)
  • Do pp. 22-23 Exs. 29 & 30 together (Ex. 30 on white board)
Les Devoirs:
  1. Écrivez des phrases pour p. 23, Ex. 31.
  2. Écrivez 10 phrases originaux: 5 qui dit ce que vous faites aujourd'hui (en présent!), et 5 qui dit, que vous avez fait les mêmes choses hier (passé composé!).

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