French 3: Monday, September 10, 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! 
  1. Write out pp. 12-13 Exs. 13 & 15 (irregular verb conjugation!). Write out the complete sentences, including the questions for Ex. 15, Abby (and everyone else)!
  2. Étudiez pour l'examen de vocabulaire lundi, le 10 septembre!
[20 minutes] Vocab Quiz 1.1!
  • The normal drill: CAH reads words in French, students write English translation.
  • Grade in class.
[30 minutes] Irregular Verb Practice (pp. 12-13)
  • First, CAH checks quiz score and homework while students pair up and compare answers.
  • Then students write sentences from Exs. 13 and 15 on board for review.
  • Students pair up, practice avoir, être, aller, faire, prendre, venir by making sentences using each pronoun form (je, tu, il/elle, nous, vous, ils/elles) and saying that so-and-so has, is, goes, does/makes, takes, and comes.
  • CAH calls on students to give examples of proper use of each verb.
[10 minutes] Reading a class schedule!
  • Students read L'emploi du temps de Laura on p. 15
  • In pairs, write answers to the 6 questions in Exercise 20 in class
  • Share answers with class!
Les Devoirs: 
  • Read, write out in French, and translate la carte postale de Damien (p. 18). Write the translation side-by-side with the French transcript.
  • Write the vocab words on p. 19, 20, and 21 three times (including D'autres mots utiles, Entre copains, and Exprimons-nous).

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