French 2: Fri/Mon, September 7-10, 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write out p. 13, Exs. 13-14

[20 minutes] Vocab review!
  • [10 minutes] Students line up face to face, ask each other vocab words.
  • [10 minutes] CAH/TA drills students
  • Remember: Vocab Quiz next time!
[15 minutes] Review homework!
  • First, students in pairs read each other their responses.
  • CAH checks papers during this time.
  • Then students write sentences on board, we correct them together!
[25 minutes] beau, nouveau, vieux
  • Note the exceptional -l in the masculing form before vowels!
  • Practice with Exs. 17-18 
  • Each student writes six sentences, two for each of these adjectives. Try to come up with masculine/feminine pairs!
  • Students share sentences out loud
Les Devoirs: Translate to English p. 17 "La famille au Maroc"

  • Write out the entire paragraph in French (yes, transcribe!).
  • Below that transcription, write a reasonable English translation of the paragraph. Don't use Google Translate! First, translate as much as you can just from your brain. Listen for cognates (French words that look like their English counterparts). Leave blanks for what you don't know. Then turn to your textbook glossary, the dictionary, etc. to translate the rest.

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