French 1: Tue/Wed September 11-12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Rien! Mais j'éspère que vous avez étudiez fort pour...

[30 minutes] L'examen de vocabulaire 1.1!
  • CAH will say 30 French words and phrases from the numbers and conversations that we have practiced in this first chapter so far.
  • Students write down English translations of each word/phrase.
  • Changez, corrigez, et notez! (Trade 'em and grade 'em!)
[20 minutes] Alphabet practice! Sing!

[30 minutes] New Classroom Vocabulary: Practice pronunciation of vocab in pix on p. 18 and commands on p. 20!

Les Devoirs: Write all vocab on pp. 18 and 20 (including Exprimons-nous!) three times.

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