French 1: Fri/Mon November 30/December 3 2012 Lesson Plan

CAH gone on Friday for Maroon 2: Show sub some love!

DUE: Les Devoirs! Write Vocab List 4.2 (pp. 124–126).

[25 minutes] De quelle couleur... tout l'arc-en-ciel!—"What color..." the whole rainbow!
  • Drill color vocab p. 125 (Friday sub: ask for volunteers to give pronunciation, check with or Google Translate!).
  • "Levez-vous! Touchez les couleurs autour de la salle!" "Get up! Touch the colors around the room!" Give each student a chance to say a color out loud, to which other students must respond by touching something in the room of that color (students may not remain seated!).
[30 minutes] Show and tell Vocab practice!
  • (During this time, sub goes around to check homework for completion! Students should have about 60 vocab words and phrases, each written four times!)
  • Individual Practice: Students should log in to their "" online textbooks. (Login should be the same as their school network accounts.) Students go to Chapter 4 vocab so they can listen to and practice repeating the vocab words which we started practicing last time and which they wrote for their homework for today.
  • Students should click on the words on the vocab list (either pp. 124-125 or p. 141), listen to the audio, and repeat the words out loud (no whispering! no mouthing the words silently! Everyone should be emitting sound!
  • After ten minutes, every student should pick three items in his/her bag/pockets/etc. to describe by color.
  • Students pair up! One student says, "Qu'est-ce que tu as dans ton sac à dos?" (What do you have in your backpack?) Other student responds (for example), "J'ai un crayon jaune, un classeur rouge, et une feuille de papier blanche."
  • Notice that when we describe things by color in French, the adjective goes after the noun! (Example: Le Moulin Rouge = The Red Mill!)
  • After five minutes practicing one-on-one out loud, each pair gets to stand up and present their very brief dialogue. Each student gets to ask; each student gets to answer and show three colorful things.
[20 minutes] More Vocab Practice: Need and numbers!
  • Students work at desks on pp. 126–127, Exercises 22 and 23.
  • Note that on Exercise 22, students must write out the numbers as words!
  • Go over answers together! (Friday sub: answers are in teacher's edition; perhaps invite a couple of student volunteers to write out those answers on the board.
Les Devoirs: Write 10 original sentences expressing need for something. 5 sentences should use the besoin de construction; 5 should use the il me faut construction. At least six of the sentences should use  school supply vocab words from list 4.2. Examples (students may not use these sentences for their homework!):
  1. J'ai besoin de mon crayon bleu ("I need my blue pencil.")
  2. Tu as besoin d'un parapluie? ("Do you need an umbrella?")
  3. Ils ont besoin des pantalons verts! ("They need some green pants!")
  4. Il me faut un grand sac à dos. ("I need a big backpack.")
  5. Il me faut manger. ("I need to eat.")

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