French 3: Tuesday November 27 2012 Lesson Plan

Les Devoirs: Make a complete list of all the stuff you'll need (props, costumes, signs, markers, etc.) for your show.

[20 minutes] Conversation! Students tell how they spent the holiday weekend.

[5 minutes] Administrivia!
  • CAH assigns students to Group A and Group B (better names are welcome!).
  • CAH hands out driving permission forms. Students, get parent signatures and return forms to me by next week Monday!
[30 minutes] Hear stories and pitches!
  1. Each student gets three minutes to read his/her story to his/her group, tell what props/costumes would be involved, and explain why his/her story would be a good one for our West Elementary storytelling performances.
  2. Group A and Group B choose their programs.
[35 minutes] Start practicing! Students rehearse stories with each other!

Les Devoirs: rien! But be gathering the gear you need for practice and performance!

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