French 2: Friday November 30 2012 Lesson Plan

CAH gone! Show sub some love!

DUE: Les devoirs! 
  • Write Vocab List 4.2, including Exprimons-nous, pp. 130–133, three times!
  • Make a screen shot of a browser window and label as many of the buttons as you can in French! Label at least 12 items!
[5 minutes] Vocab Practice in pairs!
  • Students pair up, show each other their screen shots. Students should read each other the computer terms they've labeled, check each other's work.
  • Sub checks homework during this time.
[10 minutes] Vocabulary Practice: pronunciation!
  • Students log in to (Students' usernames and passwords should be the same as their login info for the school network.)
  • Maroon 1: have T.A. Sarver lead students in pronunciation practice.
  • Maroon 3: have students listen to and repeat pronunications from audio links in online book.
[25 minutes] Vocabulary Practice
  • Around the room: with each student online with computer open to a browser window, ask each student "Cliquez sur..." ("Click on...") + one of the computer vocab words listed on page 130.
  • Include "Ouvrez un nouvel onglet"; "Fermez l'onglet." (Open a new tab; close the tab!)
  • Include "Défilez vers le haut" and "Défilez vers le bas." ("Scroll up!" and "Scroll down!")
  • Remember, we can enter any of these phrases into Google Translate to check pronunciation! Fire up the SmartBoard and put the audio on speaker!
  • Then expand: put a browser window up on the board. Have student from one side of the room pick a student from the other side of the room to go to the board and do one of the computer commands we've just practiced. Students give the commands en français! Do this until each student has had a chance to pick another student and give a command.
[20 minutes] Vocabulary Usage: Do p. 132, Exercises 21-22 in class!
  • Students get time to work on each in pairs, then we go through answers in large group.
  • Every student must write down each exercise. In Ex. 21, they should write down all three terms, then circle the term that doesn't belong. In Ex. 22, they should write the full question and the logical answer. 
  • Students have 15 minutes to complete this activity; check off each student as they finish.
  • Go over answers after 15 minutes.
Les Devoirs:  Write a short "how-to" en français on how to use a laptop computer to research and write a paper. Phrases to include:
  1. Start up the computer and the software.
  2. Start up the browser.
  3. Search for information, click on links, maybe download some files....
  4. Open your word processor.
  5. Write, write, write,...
  6. Save, shut it down (éteindre), take a break...
  7. Reopen, correct, print (or just e-mail!)...
  8. Give the paper to the teacher.
Each student will present his/her how-to next time in class!

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