French 1: Tue/Wed November 20/21 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Students write two original sentences for each of the seven -re verbs/phrases listed on p. 116.

[20 minutes] Grammar Review: -re verbs! (p. 116)
  • Students trio up: first student reads one sentence from 14 original written for homework, second student translates into English, third checks conjugation to see if verb has right ending! Rotate so everyone does this with every sentence on his/her homework!
  • Teacher checks homework for completeness (14 sentences!) at this time.
  • Have six students at a time put sentences on board; students read each sentence aloud; check for correct verb ending (see p. 116 and green chart to left of Smart Board).

[20 minutes] Time Practice (p. 113)
  • Look at this online clock! Move the hands, and it tells you the time in French!
  • Each student should take out a sheet of paper and cut it into three strips.
  • In the first strip, write five times in numerals/clock faces (make clear whether it's a.m. or p.m., or write in military time).
  • In the second strip, write those same five times in French words. Again, make clear a.m. or p.m., or use military time.
  • Hand the second and third strip to the student before you in alphabetical order (with Alvin Aababakar handing his strips to Zinnia Zzveltana).
  • In the third strip you receive, write the five times in numerals/clock faces, with a.m./p.m./military time, that represent the times written on the second strips.
  • Compare the third strip in your hand to the first strip in the hand of the person who gave you that third strip (this is all perfectly clear, right? :-) ) If times match, hyper-super-cool! If they don't match, figure out what got lost in translation. Use that online clock to check your work!
[10 minutes] Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz review!
  • Students get quizzes back from last week.
  • Review correct answers (teacher has key).
Les Devoirs: More Grammar Practice! Translate the following sentences into French, using Chapter 3 grammar points.
  1. She is strong.
  2. You are sad?
  3. My sister is pretty.
  4. Your girl-cousin is smart.
  5. Our aunts are tall.
  6. Jim Bob's grandpa always waits for his grandma.
  7. The girl’s dogs always hear the car.
  8. The boy's father loses his books.
  9. They (f.) are nice.
  10. Is she smart?
  11. Your niece is short.
  12. My boy-cousin is athletic.
  13. Their children are serious.
  14. Rufus’s brother sells sandwiches.
  15. The student's friends often wait for the teacher.
  16. Her guy-friend’s son often answers questions in French class.

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