French 1: Mon/Tue November 5/6 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs:
  1. p. 95 Ex. 28 (yes, write the whole dialogue).
  2. Write ten original sentences using the possessive pronouns listed on p. 94. You must use each of the six basic forms at least once; in other words:
    1. At least one sentence must have mon, ma, or mes.
    2. At least one sentence must have ton, ta, or tes.
    3. At least one sentence must have son, sa, or ses.
    4. At least one sentence must have notre or nos.
    5. At least one sentence must have votre or vos.
    6. At least one sentence must have leur or leurs.
[25 minutes] Vocabulary Practice!
  • Students work on p. 92 Exercises 22 & 23 together: One student says question, other student gives answer.
  • CAH checks homework during this time.
  • Students then read answers in full group.
  • CAH leads students in listen/response practice with Ex. 21
[15 minutes] Vocabulary Conversation Practice: Drill Exprimons-nous p. 93; CAH leads, then students circulate. Note: These are really good questions for an oral quiz!

[15 minutes] Grammar Practice: Possessives!
  • Review homework au tableau.
[15 minutes] New Grammar: showing possession with de! p. 96
  • The French have no apostrophe + s! To say "John's dog," they must say, "the dog of John": le chien de Jean!
  • de combines with le and les, just as à does!
    • the teacher's chair: la chaise *de + *le prof = le livre du prof
    • the computer's screen: l'ecran de l'ordinateur (no contraction!)
    • the girl's book: le livre de la fille (no contraction!)
    • the boys' cards: les cartes *de + *les garçons = les cartes des garçons
Les Devoirs: Translate the following phrases into French! (pronouns in parenthesis indicate whether you are talking to tu or vous, singular/familiar or plural/formal.)

1. her half-sister 21. your (tu) aunts
2. your (vous) grandson 22. my wife
3. Claude's grandson 23. your (vous) nieces
4. my grandpa 24. his children
5. the boy's grandpa 25. their brother
6. his grandparents 26. the student's brother
7. her cousin (f) 27. your (tu) grandma
8. their husband 28. your (vous) grandchildren
9. our cat 29. his dogs
10. the girls' cat 30. the girl's dogs
11. your (vous) stepmother 31. her sisters
12. her uncle 32. the boy's sisters
13. Marie's uncle 33. their parents
14. our daughters 34. my father
15. my son 35. the girl's father
16. the teacher's son 36. our stepfather
17. your (tu) cousins (m) 37. our nephew
18. their granddaughter 38. your (tu) family
19. his mother 39. the boys' family
20. the child's mother 40. the girls' family

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