French 2: Friday November 9 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: highlighting of unfamiliar words in "Le Petit Nicolas" (see Wednesday lesson plan for printable, markable transcript)

Mais d'abord...

[30 minutes] L'examen de vocabulaire 3.2!

[45 minutes] Reading, Listening, and Speaking Practice: Le Petit Nicolas

  • Read and repeat together as a group.
  • Students in pairs/trios read to each other, CAH circulates and listens
  • As time permits, work on translation.
Les Devoirs:
  1. Complete p. 108 Exercise B & C (yes, write the entire sentences with your answers, not just the letters or completions of the responses).
  2. Write an accurate translation of the expression "C’était gagné" (p. 108, line 3). There is a 95% probability that Google Translate will translate this sentence in this context incorrectly. Think about what's being said, search for other uses of this phrase online, and explain what it means in the context of the action at the end of this story.

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