French 1: Thu/Fri November 1/2 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Vocab 3.2 writing practice: Write all vocab words and phrases on pp. 90–93, including Exprimons-nous and Entre copains, four times.

[10 minutes] Pronunciation Practice: read and repeat new vocabulary

[10 minutes] Make up Oral Quizzes! Anyone who didn't go last time finishes Oral Quiz aujourd'hui! (Kendra, Seth, Zach K.)
  • While CAH conducts quizzes, students pair up, practice vocab.
[30 minutes] Oral Vocab Practice!
  • Tu as un frère, une sœur, un oncle, une tante, des cousins, des cousines?
  • Comment il/elle s'appelle?
  • Il/elle est comment?
  • Note that questions and answers will use mon/ma/mes, ton/ta/tes, etc.
[20 minutes] New Grammar Practice: Possessive Pronouns! p. 94
  • Point to use of masculine, feminine, and plural forms of possessives in the oral practice we just did.
  • Show complete forms for all six grammatical persons.
  • Emphasize distinction between English his/her and French son/sa/ses: in English, we pick the possessive pronoun based on who owns the thing; in French we pick the possessive pronoun based on the thing possessed:
    • Bob a son livre.
    • Marie a son livre.
    • Bob écoute sa mère.
    • Marie écoute sa mère.
  • Practice with p. 94 Ex. 26.
Les Devoirs:
  1. p. 95 Ex. 28 (yes, write the whole dialogue).
  2. Write ten original sentences using the possessive pronouns listed on p. 94. You must use each of the six basic forms at least once; in other words:
    1. At least one sentence must have mon, ma, or mes.
    2. At least one sentence must have ton, ta, or tes.
    3. At least one sentence must have son, sa, or ses.
    4. At least one sentence must have notre or nos.
    5. At least one sentence must have votre or vos.
    6. At least one sentence must have leur or leurs.

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