French 1: Wed/Thu November 7/8 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Translate the following phrases into French! (pronouns in parenthesis indicate whether you are talking to tu or vous, singular/familiar or plural/formal.)

1. her half-sister21. your (tu) aunts
2. your (vous) grandson22. my wife
3. Claude's grandson23. your (vous) nieces
4. my grandpa24. his children
5. the boy's grandpa25. their brother
6. his grandparents26. the student's brother
7. her cousin (f)27. your (tu) grandma
8. their husband28. your (vous) grandchildren
9. our cat29. his dogs
10. the girls' cat30. the girl's dogs
11. your (vous) stepmother31. her sisters
12. her uncle32. the boy's sisters
13. Marie's uncle33. their parents
14. our daughters34. my father
15. my son35. the girl's father
16. the teacher's son36. our stepfather
17. your (tu) cousins (m)37. our nephew
18. their granddaughter38. your (tu) family
19. his mother39. the boys' family
20. the child's mother40. the girls' family

[40 minutes] Practice Possessives! Write answers to homework on the board, practice alternatives.

[30 minutes] Vocabulary Practice! Study for Friday Vocab Quiz 3.2!

Les Devoirs: rien! Mais préparez pour l'examen de vocabulaire la prochaine fois!

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