French 2: Thursday November 1 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Vocab 3.2 Writing and Drawing!
  1. Write all vocab words and phrases on pp. 94–97, including Exprimons-nous and Déjà vu direction expressions, four times.
  2. Make five shop signs representing five of the shops included in this list! Signs should include the word for the shop and at least one image clearly representing what the shop sells.
[40 minutes] Pronunciation Practice/Vocab Practice!
  • First listen and repeat! [WS!]
  • Then students pair up, read to each other, CAH/WS circulate and correct.
  • Practice "Où est-ce que on peut acheter..." and "Qui vend les...."
  • Practice directions: devant, derrière, entre, à côté de, à gauche de, à droite de with movements and physical responses.
  • Do Exs. 24 & 26 together.
[20 minutes] y as a "pronoun" p. 88
  • Note that y isn't really a pronoun; it's not standing for a noun, but a prepositional phrase.
  • Do Ex. 13 together.
[30 minutes] work time for next great skit!

Les Devoirs: Grocery Adventure Skit! Present Wednesday, Nov. 7 (time available to work on this skit during second half of class Monday)!
  • In trios, write original conversations relating to a shopping trip.
  • First, two people at home decide they need some groceries. Tell us why, and tell us what!
  • Minimum five items! That allows the shopkeepers (see below) to give four different directions, then to say "We're out!" of a fifth item.
  • Head out to at least two different shops!
  • Each shopper meets a shopkeeper; they greet each other.
  • Shopper must say, "I need X amount of grocery Y. Where is/are Y?"
  • Shopkeeper must give different directions (see direction words, p. 97) for four of the groceries.
  • Shopkeeper must say that he/she doesn't have any or is out of one of the items (use the partitive! "Nous n'avons pas de..." or "Il n'y a pas de..."). And be sure to express regret!
  • Shoppers come home, say what they got!
  • Vocabulary should focus on terms from Chap. 3 and previous!
  • If you rely heavily on terms not learned so far, please provide a glossary of key terms on the board (maximum five!)

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