French 3: Tuesday November 13 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Les Devoirs: Write all vocab words and phrases, pp. 96–99 four times!

[45 minutes] Vocabulary Practice
  1. Drill pronunciation with CAH!
  2. Drill pronunciation and meanings face à face!
  3. Do pp. 98–99 Exs. 1, 3, and 4 together out loud.
  4. p. 98 Ex. 2: each student picks one picture, thinks up at least three sentences to describe what is happening in each.
[25 minutes] New Grammar: Adjective placement affecting meaning! p. 104
  • Some French adjectives have different meanings depending on whether they come before the noun they describe or after!
  • ancien: former/ancient
  • certain: some/sure
  • cher: dear/expensive
  • dernier: last/previous
  • grand: great/tall
  • pauvre: unfortunate/unwealthy
  • propre: own/clean
  • sale: nasty-smutty/dirty
  • seul: only/lonely
  • vrai: real/true
  • Practice with p. 105 Ex. 18
Les Devoirs: Write 20 sentences using these shifting adjectives!
  • Use each of the shifting adjectives twice, once before a noun, once after a noun!
  • Use at least one different vocab word in each sentence!

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