French 3: Thursday November 15 2012 Lesson Plan

Shifting Adjectives
  • ancien: former/ancient
  • certain: some/sure
  • cher: dear/expensive
  • dernier: last/previous
  • grand: great/tall
  • pauvre: unfortunate/unwealthy
  • propre: own/clean
  • sale: nasty-smutty/dirty
  • seul: only/lonely
  • vrai: real/true
DUE: Les Devoirs: Write 20 sentences using these shifting adjectives (p.104)!
  • Use each of the shifting adjectives twice, once before a noun, once after a noun!
  • Use at least one different vocab word in each sentence!
[15 minutes] Grammar Practice: Shifting Adjectives!
  • Practice with p. 105 Ex. 18.
  • Read homework sentences out loud in pairs, check meaning.
  • Share sentence pairs in large group.
[30 minutes] Vocabulary Practice: Les contes en rond!
  • Randomly divide students into three groups of five.
  • First student in each groups makes up an opening line to a story using vocab from List 3.1 (pp. 96–99).
  • Each student in turn adds a sentence to the story.
  • Don't forget those Exprimons-nous phrases that you can use for transitions in the story!
  • Fifteen sentences total: each student does three!
  • Each student should write down and number his/her sentences.
  • When finished, each group reads story to class!
Les Devoirs: 
  1. Study for Vocab 3.1 Quiz on Monday!
  2. Think of and write down five ways that you could involve the first-graders in the stories you present to them in December! For instance, maybe when the kids hear certain words, they can make sounds to represent them, or maybe they could say a couple words as a magic spell at a key point in the story. (I know, you haven't written your stories yet, but let these ideas guide what you write.)
  3. For Wednesday, every student should write a brief fairy tale/fable/legend suitable for presentation to first-graders. No time limit; if we have a lot of one-minute stories, we can combine them into a series for the young'uns.

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