French 1: Mon/Tue November 26/27 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: Chapter 3 Grammar Review: 16 sentences!

[5 minutes] Administrivia: lay out general December schedule:
  • Vocab Quiz 4.1 next time (Wed/Thu!)
  • Vocab Quiz 4.2 probably week of Dec. 10
  • Chapter 4 Grammar Quiz probably week of Dec. 17
  • After Christmas break: four fun-filled days of review for Semester Final! 
[25 minutes] Chapter 3 Grammar Review: put homework sentences on board!

[25 minutes] New Grammar: -ger/cer verbs! p.118
  • This isn't that complicated!
  • In the nous forms of these -er verbs, the -ons ending would make the -g- and -c- hard: nous mangons*, nous commencons*. Bad, bad bad!
  • The French want the verb root in all six forms to sound the same.
  • To preserve the soft -g- sound, they add an -e-: nous mangeons.
  • To preserve the soft -c- sound, they add a cedilla: nous commençons.
  • Practice with p. 118 Exs. 12 & 13.
[25 minutes] Vocabulary 4.1 Review
  • Drill times: CAH reads in French, students write down times in numerals.
  • Drill days: every student recites!
  • Drill other vocab: face to face!
Les Devoirs: rien, mais étudiez fort pour l'examen de vocabulaire 4.1!

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