French 1: Fri/Tue November 9/12 2012 Lesson Plan

DUE: rien! Mais vous avez etudié pour...

[30 minutes] Vocab Quiz 3.2!

[10 minutes] Listening Practice!

  • p. 105 Ex. 6: CAH reads script aloud twice. Students listen, take notes, then try to answer questions

[45 minutes] Grammar Quiz Review!

  • Do pp. 104–105 Exs. 1 & 4 together.
  • Then practice the following sentences in class:
  1. I am happy. 
  2. Are you sad?
  3. She is generous.
  4. We are athletic.
  5. Are you at the library?
  6. They (masc.) are smart.
  7. My mom is tall.
  8. Your friend (m) is creative.
  9. Her teacher is funny.
  10. Our daughters are blonde.
  11. Your dogs are mean.
  12. Their children are shy.
  13. Jean's brother is strong
  14. The boy's uncle is serious.
  15. The girl's cat is black.
  16. My aunt's husband plays soccer.
  17. My son's wife likes to swim.
  18. Your friends' dogs are very nice.
Les Devoirs: rien! But be ready for the Chapter 3 Grammar Quiz next time!

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